ENHANCE: Pretty Packages

by Suzanne

December 21st, in Enhance.

With the hectic nature of the holiday season, we hardly have time to buy gifts let alone wrap them.  Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you create the perfect bow.  Because we all know that pretty packages are sure to dazzle everyone!

– Lay the ribbon horizontally along the middle of the box.

– Flip the gift over and wrap the ribbon around until it meets in the middle. Fold the  ribbon right side over left and create a knot.

-Take each side of the ribbon and make two loops. Tie them together to make a knot.

-Smooth the knot and pull tight. Make sure that the loops are the same size and leave a long tail on both ends.

-Take the end of the ribbon and fold it back towards the center knot.  Add a dot of glue.

-Cut the ends of the ribbon on an angle

-Voilà! Your super chic present is ready for giving.

ENRICH: Glamour and Grace

by Suzanne

December 13th, in Enrich.

ENJOY: Claridge + King

by Suzanne

December 12th, in Enjoy.

A crisp, cotton shirt.  Throw the right one on and you can take your jeans or leggings from schleppy to chic in an instant.  The DPR gang is obsessed – and we don’t use the word lightly – with Claridge and King.

Sisters Laurann Claridge and Lizabeth King have created a clothing line for women inspired by menswear fabrics and tailoring, with an updated, more feminine take on the classic button-down.  The “His is Hers” Collection is our favorite, but we also adore their boyfriend tees and loungewear.  It makes us wish they were our sisters.



ENRICH: Thank you, very much.

by Suzanne

December 10th, in Enrich.

While we recently gave thanks over the recent holiday, it’s always in style to say “thanks.”  Even in this age of email, there is nothing more personal than a timely, handwritten thank-you note.

Whether you’re thanking mom for that darling Stella sweater or showing gratitude to a colleague for career advice, here are few tips for penning the perfect note.

-Use pretty paper
I am an ardent stationery enthusiast, and I promise good stationery makes the undertaking far more pleasurable.

-Thank the giver for the specific gift

-Personalize the note with details about the giver and/or the gift

-Send the note in a timely manner
Try to send your note within a few days. However, notes are better sent late than never!  Even if time has gone by, still send the note, but recognize that time as gone by.  An appropriate line could be, “I’m so sorry this has taken me so long, but I wanted to thank you for the spa certificate for my birthday.”

-And, most importantly, be genuine
Thank you notes are still an important part of social and business etiquette.  With a few heartfelt sentences, you can appear thoughtful, sincere, and thankful – which we all know you are.


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EXPLORE: Our Lovely Lauren

by Suzanne

December 4th, in Explore.

The DPR team is connected, cultured, intelligent and passionate!  Today, we want you to meet Account Executive Lauren Millet.

Lauren joined the firm in 2010, focusing on client account services, event coordination, media relations and social media.  As a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a degree in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, she brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to every project.  And, in her spare time, she writes and edits her own blog, Gilded Jungle.  Bottom line:  This girl is a dynamo!

She loves traveling – from Austin to abroad – with a detailed itinerary, enjoys a vast array of music (her favorites are indie bands), and is passionate on all-things from and about her hometown of New Orleans.  Be on the lookout for her fab playlists, fashion points of view, and insights which we’ll be sharing from time to time on The Journal and our Facebook page.  We promise you’re going to love her as much as we do!