The Stunning William Helburn Exhibit at Staley-Wise

By Suzanne
September 29, 2016 , In Art

The Staley-Wise Gallery in New York City is currently hosting an exhibition of William Helburn’s classic advertising and fashion photographs until October 1 (so you know, a few more days). For more than thirty years, Helburn used fashion, glamour and humor to serve clothiers and jewelers, fabric houses and cosmetics firms, Chrysler and Coca-Cola. His creative credo was “Do it different … Shock value was a term that was used. And I meant to shock people as much as I could.”
hepburn-exhibit ad-man-exhibitwilliam-helburn-exhibit william-helpburn-ad-exhibit

Helburn’s success at advertising was grounded in his love for fashion photography. For Helburn, fashion remains the most creative form of photography; one where photographers control every aspect of the picture, using their talent, taste and inner being to create an arresting image. His greatest talent may have been to marry that creativity to the discipline of advertising, where a great picture must convey the idea the client wants to express.

After scrolling through the pieces that are on display, we wish we could book a quick trip to the big apple to see them for ourselves. We are talking some truly iconic and inspirational images here, people.  If you are in the City you absolutely have to check it out before the exhibit (and September) hit the road.