A Letter From Suzanne: February

By Suzanne
February 1, 2017 , In Letter From Suzanne

February. The month of LOVE and FASHION (at least it is for me).  For some of us, the two often go hand-in-hand.  I mean, WHO doesn’t love fashion? If you’re reading this, I doubt know you don’t fall into this category.

Of course, there’s the obvious Valentine’s Day, which for many has evolved from a “hearts and flowers” day into a celebration of our friendships.  I undoubtedly have more friends that celebrate “GALentines” with their girlfriends than with a romantic partner.  No matter what kind of love you chose to celebrate, we should all do everything in our power to encourage LOVE.  Too much divisiveness has taken its toll on us of late.  Your politic beliefs are your business.  We can agree to disagree if we’re not on the same page.  And, it’s great to be passionate. But, treating your fellow man with hate and vitriol, does absolutely nothing.  It just causes “the other side” to dig in their heals further, and we get nowhere.

So, as disconcerting as the past few weeks have been for me and countless others – I’m going on a LOVE campaign, and I want you to join me.  Call an old friend, spend time with your mom, volunteer, pick up the tab for coffee for a co-worker, send a Valentine to a soldier, take your elderly neighbor’s dog for a walk.  Anything.  Just spread the love.  Because I truly believe that hate has never solved the problems of the world, but love can conquer all.

February is also time for Fashion Weeks – one of the most wonderful times of the year in my world, where we see what designers have in store for the fall season.  It’s fun to get a “sneak peek” into what we will be wearing months from now.   Whether you have a front row seat on the runways in NYC, London, Milan, and Paris, are watching online, or are reading the dailies, you have to admit it’s exciting.  I personally can’t wait to see Haus Alkire, Jeremy Scott, Victoria Beckham and Monse show for Fall.  Drop me a line and let me know your favorites.

Happy February!  And, let all that you do, be done in love.