Amy Schumer’s New Book is Out Just in Time for Labor Day

By Suzanne
August 23, 2016 , In Reading List

It’s safe to say, Amy Schumer’s brand of self-deprecating humor has taken the world by storm and has carried our hearts along with her. So when we heard that she was coming out with a new book just in time for the last bits of summer (i.e., Labor Day, you’re spoken for), we signed up, pre-ordered and sat patiently waiting for August 16th to roll around. It did. The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo is here.

We haven’t read it yet (not kidding about our Labor Day plans), but if it’s even half as good as Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (seriously, if you haven’t read it, add this one to your list, too), then our memories of the last weeks of summer will be filled with fits of laughter.

And if you have already sped through Schumer’s pithy remarks (how was it?!), below are a few other recommendations for your holiday weekend reading. The effect is sure to be the same.