Dear It Girl: Rose Quartz is the Color of the Year

By Suzanne
January 12, 2016 , In Fashion

4.-rose-quartz-top-and-pants-with-coat AKS0175 MargoandMe3

The Pantone Spring 2016 color report – i.e., the world’s leading authority on color – was released during New York Fashion Week last September.  The winner? Not one shade but the blending of two hues: Rose Quartz and Serenity (which are basically just fancy names for a sort of rose baby pink and a serene baby blue).

We’ve always been big fans of the pale shade of rose’, so this one wasn’t a hard sell for us.  It’s chic in the same way black and tan are, but still has this sense of “color” that the former two shades lack. And now that 2016 is officially here (still reeling), we thought January might be the time to start taking some inspiration on how to incorporate the hue into our daily wardrobe this year.

From trench coats and capes to completely coordinated head-to-toe looks in the mineral pink, we love where this one is headed, particularly because it feels like a hue that can easily be adopted by any age group or gender for any season of the year.



images via Women Fashion Tips, W Magazine and Margo & Me

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