DSTLD Now Has Leather Leggings and They Are Amazing

By Suzanne
March 24, 2017 , In Brands to Know

If you’re not familiar with DSTLD, let us introduce you.

DSTLD is another one of these straight to consumer brands avoiding intermediaries and therefore bringing the cost for luxury items down. But their model is truly basic. It started with denim and denim only and has since expanded into t-shirts, knits, blouses and even leather jackets (thank god!), bringing each to you at a fraction of the retail price without compromising quality or design. Basically, you are paying the same price you would for something at Zara, only the quality is equivalent to Neimans.

And because they just do basics, everything on the sight is essentially a must-have. Hence the reason their motto is “Fewer better things.”

The newest addition to their genius line? Leather and suede leggings. That’s right, those leggings that traditionally cost you over $900 to score? DSTLD has you covered for $300. And they are CHIC.

Just like most internet based lines, the really killer styles have a tendency to sell out rather quickly, but since they just do basics and keep remaking them, they restock pieces all the time, so we highly recommend adding your email to the waitlist if you see something you like (these mom jeans, for example). On that note, while we appreciate the sanctity of your inbox, this is another one we would recommend hopping on their email list so you don’t miss new releases (that’s how we found out about these leather leggings) and can nab them before they sell out in the first place.