ENRICH: Mark Grotjahn Sculpture Exhibit at The Nasher

By Lauren
June 26, 2014 , In Uncategorized

Mark Grotjahn Sculpture Exhibit at The Nasher Brought To You By DPR Intern: Lily Kramlich-Taylor

Based out of Los-Angeles, Mark is very well known for his paintings focusing on perspective and play with illusion and geometry. Privately, he has spent the past decade creating three-dimensional art resembling masks or faces, many of the paintings’ products made out of cardboard. (He even admits his sculptures resemble an elementary school art project). Grotjahn’s exhibit at the Nasher will be the first time his sculptures are showcased in a museum setting, so you won’t want to miss this! The exhibit runs through August 17th.


Untitled (Pretty Lost Blue for My Girls, Italian Mask M30. b), by Mark Grotjahn, 2013, painted bronze