ENRICH: Summer Entertaining

By Medley
May 23, 2014 , In Uncategorized

With summer upon us, our social calendars are quickly filling up.  We asked Heather Wiese-Alexander of Bell’INVITO and Nest to give us a quick brush up on our etiquette. Heather is the fresh face of etiquette and our “go to” for all our questions. Without ever seeming dated or unapproachable, Heather tells it to us straight. Here are her top tips to make sure we keep the title of Belle of the Ball.

Summer Soirees etiquette tips:

– Don’t list “valet” on a social invitation. Expressing “enclosures” and “valet” are reserved for corporate or commercial events. If you are entertaining in an  upscale way and parking might be an issue, valet is expected.

– Ladies, put your I.D., one credit card and a bit of cash in that clutch before you head out. You never know what you might run into out there. Save the damsel in distress routine on something besides being prepared to pay.

– When a party is hosted by a person or couple in their home, always bring a host gift. When an occasion is hosted by multiple hosts, you do not need to bring a gift.

– If you have social calling cards, by all means, bring them to the party; but leave the business cards at home for social events.


For more of Heather’s helpful hints, you can follower her on Instagram @Bell’INVITO