ESSENTIALS: How To Tie a Headscarf

By Lauren
March 6, 2014 , In Uncategorized

How To Tie a Headscarf Brought To You By DPR Intern: Alexis Wulf

Here at DPR we know that bad hair days are sometimes inevitable. We also know the best way to combat those bad hair days is to accessorize. For bad hair days, or good ones when you just want to mix things up, the cutest quick fix is a headscarf.

Not only is this the easiest hair accessory to obtain (everyone has at least one scarf somewhere in their closet), it’s super stylish. Boho-style is definitely having a moment and headscarves are the perfect way to break into the hippie-chic trend. Here are a few tips:

  1. Fold scarf into a triangle.
  2. Fold tip of triangle over in 2-inch sections until scarf is one long, 2-inch band.
  3. Place scarf around back of head, over hair with end pieces at front of your head.
  4. Have one end of scarf several inches longer than the other, secure in a knot.
  5. Tie a knot a second time, leaving one end still in the knot to create one loop while the other hangs down.
  6. Slide the knot to one side of your head, positioning where you like.
  7. Enjoy your stylish new look!