ESSENTIALS: Perfect Picnic Essentials

By Lauren
June 24, 2014 , In Uncategorized

Perfect Picnic Essentials Brought To You By DPR Intern: Katherine Jones

With the summer heat in full swing, it can be a little discouraging to spend an afternoon outdoors. But don’t let the heat stop you from having a nice relaxing afternoon on a picnic blanket with some friends.

We’ve got five perfect picnic essentials that will make your afternoon entertaining and enjoyable!

(1) First on the list, is the one thing that everyone is looking forward to – the food! Finger foods are the easiest to make and pack for a large group. Fresh guacamole dip and croissant club sandwiches are some of our favorites, with a cherry pie to top it all off.

(2) A portable iPod dock is a must; you can’t forget to set the mood with music.

(3) Don’t pack just any picnic blanket for your afternoon under the sun, bring a comfortable quilt to lie on for you and your guests.

(4) Another important factor to your perfect picnic is the specialty drink or cocktail of the day. Homemade lemonade or a mouthwatering summer punch is always refreshing. Iced green tea or lemonade cranberry coolers are also tasty options. Mason jar sippers are exactly what you need to keep the outdoors out of your drinks (come with jars, lids, and straws).

(5) To help beat the heat, bring some handheld fans that can also double as party favors! Your guests will be satisfied with an occasional cool breeze.