Everything You Need to Take the Perfect Bath

By Suzanne
January 24, 2017 , In Beauty

There’s nothing more relaxing than a good bath. Lights down, bubbles bubbling, face mask on. Life is crazy, taking a break from it all is necessary. And when you take the very rare time for yourself, you want to make sure you get the most of it.  Here is a list of everything you need on hand to make sure your me time is perfect.

1. Essential Oils

Scents are probably the most important and least considered factor in creating a relaxing environment. The best way to do that is through essential oils (although having a little lavender on hand never hurt).  Hot water combined with essential oils can create a spa-like treatment and can ease symptoms of physical ailments while calming your senses and helping you relax. Different oils have varying properties and benefits, choose certain ones or combinations to suit your needs.


2. Bath Soaks & Bubbles

When you soak, don’t just soak in water.  You want soft and supple skin? Try a milk and honey soak, or perhaps a coconut mixture for moisturizing.  Even if the goal is just to relax, don’t miss out on the opportunity to do a little something for your skin by adding to your bath water.


3. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are another easy way to add a little something to your water – a relaxing scent, a moisturizing mixture. Although these are likely an either/or situation when it comes to the two options above, they are fun to play with and nice to have on hand. Not to mention, if you know someone who loves baths, they make great gifts.


4. Bath Salts

Adding bath salts to your soak session has additional benefits that some of the earlier products don’t, especially if yours contain softening and absorbent Epsom and detoxifying sea salts.  Just scoop a little into your water and this deep-cleansing preparation will flush out toxins, relax your muscles and help soothe and revive.


5. Candles

Remember that whole thing about turning out the lights? There’s a reason every romantic comedy with a bath scene involves candles and bubbles. Stick with fresh scents like lavender, linen and fig.


images via The Chriselle Factor