EXPERIENCE: Peddy Mergui

By Suzanne
May 5, 2014 , In Uncategorized

I think we need to jump on the next jet to the West Coast to catch San Francisco’s Museum of Crafts and Design’s latest exhibition.

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat by artist Peddy Mergui explores design and ethics – and also incorporates one of my loves, creative packaging. Louis Vuitton Salami? Tiffany & Co. yogurt?  Versace eggs?  Prada flour? They are all part of the artist’s latest work.

The phenomenon of “prestige” and “luxury” as a consumer validation is a reoccurring theme with the artist. What does the consumer actually purchase when he or she pays top dollar for a “brand” of flour or simple table salt?

Mergui’s works on display borrow shapes and images from the world of consumption and pairs them with concept of consumer ethics. Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is an amusing, yet thought-provoking commentary on our global consumer culture. And it may just have you questioning your next purchase.

On exhibit until June 15, 2014.