Five Cold Weather Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Fresh This Winter

By Suzanne
November 30, 2016 , In Beauty

We could not be more excited about the dropping temps. We’ve pulled out our sweaters and stocked up on hot chocolate, and we bet you’re right there with us.  But before you get too excited about chestnuts roasting on the open fire, be sure to follow these simple rules so your beauty regimen doesn’t fall victim to the cruel winter wind.

1. Keep a humidifier in your bedroom.
When temps drop, heaters turn on. Which is all great for your body temp, but not so great for your skin. Humidifiers send a mist of water into the air to combat the inevitable dryness caused by all of that warm air. Place your humidifier near your bed and rest easy knowing that in the morning, you’ll have more supple, hydrated skin.

2. Moisturize from head to toe.
It’s not just your legs that need moisturizing in the Winter! Incorporate a skin oil or serum for hydration, increased nourishment and skin brightness this winter. Apply plentifully and often, at the very least under your moisturizer. And don’t forget your hands (this hand cream is our favorite)!

3. Give your hair TLC.
Don’t forget your hair in all of this. Although it might not be chapping, rest assured, your hair needs hydration just as much as your skin. So be sure and use a weekly deep conditioning treatment, especially if you have dry, coarse hair to begin with.

 4. Stay hydrated.
The most important part about a healthy winter glow is to stay hydrated. Period. So drink water in large amounts and steer clear of liquids that dry you out. Dry, cold air dehydrates you inside and out, so drink extra during the winter months.

5. Give your lips some luxury.
And last but certainly not least, don’t forget your pout needs moisture, too. Carry a lip balm with you at all times and don’t forget to apply and reapply on the regular. Tip: Use lip balm or hydrocortisone ointment on the lips over a lip pencil so the color bleeds into the lips and you get the look of lip gloss but the healing effect from the balm.