Isabella Rossellini’s Designer Chickens

By Suzanne
July 19, 2016 , In Art


Isabella Rossellini, the Italian actress, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, and model, has added another title to the list that might take you by surprise – farmer.

In January 2012, Rossellini purchased a 27-acre wooded parcel in Brookhaven hamlet, with 20.8 acres set aside as a conservation easement to the Peconic Land Trust. And according to the Peconic agreement, nearly half of the easement was to be used for farm activity.  Her solution? Inhabit it with animals – a plan hatched over dinner with friends Francisco Costa, creative director and chief  designer of Calvin Klein Women’s Wear, and John DeStefano, executive-in-charge of Black Swan Stables, who have a home nearby.

So Rossellini agreed to populate the land with endangered chickens (i.e., heritage breeds) and set up shop. And like any fashionable pet worth its weight in feed these days, said chickens are now the subject of a photo exhibit. Naturally.

The international actress and filmmaker has collaborated with Brookhaven photographer Patrice Casanova in a series of portraits capturing her Heritage Breed of chickens in all their fine-feathered glory. The photographs are on exhibit at the Bellport- Brookhaven Historical Society (BBHS), now through July 31, 2016. So if you’re in the area…

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image via Long Island