Last Minute Gifts Under $100

By Suzanne
December 21, 2015 , In Gift Guide


The clock is ticking and time is just about out.  Just in case you still haven’t finished your shopping and are hoping to avoid the malls come Thursday, here are eight last minute gift ideas we love that, if you order now (like now), you’ll get just in time.

  1.  Halogen Faux Fur Bag Charm ($30) – A way to upgrade any bag without actually having to go out and buy a new bag, these fun little charms add a touch of whimsy to even the most structured carryall.
  2. Rose Gold Karat iPhone Case ($50) – Who doesn’t want a new iPhone case? We love this one because it is clear with just flecks of rose gold. Subtle and super chic.
  3. Swell Metallic Gold Water Bottle ($42) – A metallic take on the classic Swell bottle, gym rats all over will be jealous of this one.
  4. Freds at Barneys New York Hot Spice Cinnamon Tea ($12) – Perfect for the stocking, a little Christmas flavored tea is just right for those long winter’s nights.
  5. KAHRI Little Karl Lagerfeld Doll ($30) – This one isn’t just for the kids. Who wouldn’t want a mini Karl just lying around…or poking his head out of a stocking?
  6. Byredo Scented Candle ($80) – If someone on your list is a candle lover, then Byredo is where you need to direct your attention. With luxurious scents galore, they are the epitome of waxed perfection.
  7. Fashion Insider’s Guides ($25 apiece) – Got a fashionista who also happens to be a traveler still left to buy for? Try a Fashion Insider’s guide to their next destination. It’s both thoughtful and useful – i.e., a win win.
  8. Kate Spade Faux Fur Trimmed Mittens ($68) – The cold weather is bound to show up eventually. And when it does, these faux fur trimmed mittens will be much appreciated.