Let Me Introduce You to Rikumo

By Suzanne
June 6, 2017 , In Art & Interiors

I love learning about new retailers or fashion brands.  The beauty of following all of my blogger babe friends is that I’m usually pretty much in-the-know.  But, my latest find comes not from these style setters. It comes via my 18-year old son, Will.

Last Christmas, my boys gave my husband the loveliest coffee mug from a store called Rikumo.  It’s very chic – but I honestly didn’t give it another thought until a few weeks ago.  We were in Philadelphia, and Will mentioned that we should go by the store where he purchased the mug back in December.  So, off we go.

Literally three steps into the Rikumo flagship and my jaw dropped. OH MY GOODNESS!  How had I not known about this?  How long had I been missing out. With everything from chic children’s toys to home decor, the lifestyle brand celebrates Japanese craftsmanship, design, and aesthetics by connecting Japanese artisans and craftsmen with an international public that values quality, craftsmanship, and simplicity in design.

Perfection doesn’t begin to cover it.

My dear friends, I’m going to tell you to run, not walk, to get to their website.  Of course, if you find yourself in Philadelphia, a visit in the store is even better.