Polish Your Home with Homepolish

By Suzanne
January 20, 2016 , In Interior Design

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Most of the time when we think about decorating our home, the process is so overwhelming we don’t ever start. Kind of like cleaning out and organizing your closet, only with giant overstuffed pieces of wood, most of which need to be recovered or relocated. We need a glass of lemonade just thinking about it.

On the lookout for inspiration and an easy “how-to” guide to making our entire home look like an editor’s dream, we went straight to our go-to expert on all subjects: The Internet. Google always knows what we are looking for, even if we don’t know how to ask for it. And as it turns out, all we were looking for was a little HOMEPOLISH – a by-the-hour interior design service with loads of inspiration in their portfolio. Filled with design ideas galore, interviews and insider tips, our new discovery has gotten us inspired to actually put some polish on our home.

It also has us daydreaming about using one of its reasonably priced designers (you can pop your location in HERE and play a little zip-code roulette). The space we featured above was designed Dallas based HOMEPOLISH designer Dana Frieling.  Needless to say, we want to move in already.



images via Homepolish