Team DPR Is Going Crazy for Stripes

By Suzanne
May 9, 2017 , In Shopping List

Sure, gingham is definitely all the rage this season and you’re not on trend if your shoulders are covered, but aside from all of the predictable fashion statements, we started to notice a trend here around the office. A trend that is a little more classic than of-the-moment and always in style. That’s right, stripes.

After a few discussions centered exclusively around our most recent purchases, it became clear that we all had the same pattern in mind and it involved horizontal and vertical lines. Dare we call it a trend?

In case you are on our team with this whole stripes thing, we put together a few of the pieces we’ve been chatting about here at the office. A few of the pieces we dying to get our hands on. You don’t have to agree, but we have a sneaky suspicion you will.